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Carpets, Rugs, Flooring, Supply & Fitting

Pickwick Carpets - Carpets, Rugs, Flooring, Supply & Fitting

Tired of your old, worn carpet? You're not the only one.

Pickwick Carpets Kent - Flooring

Every day, we meet dozens of Thanet locals in the same situation. And the following week we leave them with a fluffy new carpet (or brand new flooring) and a smile on their face.

So Picture the Scene

Pickwick Carpets Kent - Flooring

One week from today, you've just said goodbye to your carpet fitter. Your old carpet is a thing of the past. In its place is a fluffy new version that transforms the room. Things somehow seem much more homely and much more elegant. You smile, pleased with the result. You've taken the plunge and finally have the new carpet you've always wanted.

FREE Parking

Pickwick Carpets has FREE of charge customer parking available aswell!

Pickwick Carpets Kent - Parking


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At Pickwick Carpets Kent we have a large range of high quality Carpets available to suit all kinds of needs...


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We have lots of high quality Rugs in stock and available to accommodate a large range of styles...


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We also have a large stock of high quality flooring available to our customers...


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We now offer a supply service to all of our customers...


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Our Work

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We've only been around since 2009. So why choose us for your carpets and flooring? Quite simply, because...

For additional information on the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 01843 585888.

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